Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Break Me by Joanna Walker

Break Me
Shattered #1
by: Joanna Walker
$2.99 eBook
Contemporary Erotica
Released: July 2013

Tori McLeod loved to sip her fancy coffee and read her smoking hot romance books at the nearby shop in peace, but that was hard to do when he was there.  Everyone noticed him.  Stunned when he approached her about what she was reading with a twinkle in his eye, Tori’s lust level went into the stratosphere and then he was gone.
 “Sebastian Chelios, but you can call me whatever you damn well please”…who could deny this man? Whew…..
When Tori is pulled into a nearby alley, she prepares to scream until she realizes it is Sebastian who proceeds to take what he wants from her hard and fast against to building with a promise of see her again.  His random appearances full of panty melting, ovary combusting sex make her wonder where he goes and what he does, but when “associates” make appearances she can only wonder.  Jose sets his eyes on Tori as well, but Sebastian will never let that happen. 
Lies threaten to destroy their precious bond, but Sebastian promises to protect her and find his way back.  Jose takes what he thinks is his and destroys their love.
Devastated and heartbroken, Tori moves home with only pieces of the truth, but when a mysterious letter arrives all hope is renewed. Evil will not be deterred and waits for its revenge.
Ms. Walker’s debut book was a great read.  The feeling that there was more to the story kept urging me on with a surprise ending that will make me read the next installment.  The supportive characters where strong forces and helped guide the storyline.  Tori and Sebastian’s sexual appetite for each other was intense and she broke down the walls he built and wiggled her way in.  I loved how the author would give you morsels of info to pique your curiosity and keep the pages flipping.
Michele gives this book a

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