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Blog Tour: Break Me by JoAnna Walker

Tori McLeod moved to the big city to get away from her mother—and her past. Her new routine is destroyed when she meets a mysterious stranger who won’t take no for an answer. Sebastian intrigues her, but his eyes hold secrets she would rather avoid. Sebastian Chelios, a hard-as-nails enforcer, is a new-in-town loner. He has to have her. Control her. Possess her. But he can’t—won’t—lose control, even though Tori’s innocence fascinates him. The last thing he’s going to do is love her, even after he gets her in his bed.

Losing control is dangerous, especially when someone from Sebastian’s past covets Tori, putting more than just her heart in danger.

Can Sebastian protect Tori from Jose’s sadistic obsession? If he gets his hands on her, will she make it out in one piece?

RomFan Reviews has done a review on Break Me, and here's what we had to say:

Ms. Walker’s debut book was a great read.  The feeling that there was more to the story kept urging me on with a surprise ending that will make me read the next installment.  The supportive characters where strong forces and helped guide the storyline.  Tori and Sebastian’s sexual appetite for each other was intense and she broke down the walls he built and wiggled her way in.  I loved how the author would give you morsels of info to pique your curiosity and keep the pages flipping.

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Favorite Quotes:

“And what’s wrong with reading romance?” I asked.
Black eyes, narrowed at me. “It usually means you can’t get a piece in real life so you have to resort to masturbating to paper or porn but,” he lifted my book, “looking at this cover, it looks like it could be a bit of both.”


“I needed to know.” His voice raspy as the pad of his thumb ran over my bottom lip before he placed a soft kiss on my swollen lips.
I frowned, confused. “Know what?” I panted, gripping his shirt in my hand.
“If your lips tasted as good as they looked.”


“You are definitely blushing now.” He whispered, placing a kiss on my neck.
“Sebastian.” My heart thumped against my chest and I bit my bottom lip.
“What, little one?”
“I…I…” I stammered, words not forming properly on my tongue.
He chuckled. “Is there something you want?”
Oh God.
I licked my lips and couldn’t help but stare at his big hard body. Tattoos covered his torso and both his nipples were pierced. He was gorgeous and at the moment, he was all mine.


“I can’t get enough of you, little one. I can feel you in my bones.”


Our mouths continued to move together as he consumed me completely. Left me utterly breathless.


 I'm a new and upcoming indie writer. I decided to publish myself first. At this point in time, that's what is best for me.

 I just finished my first book, Break Me in the Shattered series. It's going through edits right now and I'm hoping to have it actually published by the end of the year at the very latest.

To be honest, I never thought I'd become a writer. I always wrote a journal as a kid but I never sat down and wrote a story that wasn't about me. Well my aunt, a couple of months ago, told me that I should write a book. I replied with, "all the stories in my head are not my own." She came back with, if I really thought about it, she knew I could come up with something. So that's what I did...I thought about it and thought and thought and then one day, these people showed up in my head and were like, "TELL MY STORY" and that's how Break Me was born. Mind you, the first couple of times I attempted to write their story, didn't end very well but now that I got my flow, I'm good. So I hope you all enjoy the book as much as I have and I can't wait for you all to read it. 

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