Saturday, July 20, 2013

T-shirts Available!

After posting a pic on Facebook the other day that said "Keep Calm and Read a Book", I thought about how cool that would be if it was a t-shirt.  I'd wear it.  So I found a site that let me create that, and now I'm offering it to all of you!  How it works is we have to have a minimum of 50 preorders for the shirt by August 4, 2013 or the shirt doesn't go to print.  The shirts are $15 a piece, and there are two different ones.  I'd love to see these go to print, so if you want one head on over and pre-order today!  They won't charge you for it until the shirt makes it to print.  I've gotten a Star Wars shirt through them, so I'm familiar with how they work.  We've got 15 days to hit our goal, so let's get to it!


black w/white lettering

light blue w/white lettering

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