Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review: Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden

Wolf Fever
Alpha Project #1
by: Milly Taiden
$8.99 paperback / $3.99 ebook
Latin Goddess Press
Paranormal Romance
Released: July 2013


Escape.  That is the only thing that Raine focuses on as she runs through the forest away from those that threaten her.  Seeking refuge in an unoccupied motel room, she calls the only person she has left in her life.  Mandy.  She would come for her.  Something wasn’t right, she was different.  Panic-stricken as memories of needles and restraint bombard her senses, Raine's body begins to change.

Desperation and fear drive her to reach out to Ryder.  He has been known to do jobs for hire and she had a job for him.  A hit on herself, but when they meet it is pure animal attraction.  Ryder’s wolf recognizes Raines as his mate and will stop at nothing to protect her.  But, what do you do when she physically rivals Ryder as a pack leader.  Their attraction is raw, consuming and animalistic.

When those who created her, want her back, Raine fights back and hard.  She has discovered a life with Ryder and his pack, but she is a unique creation and they have plans for her.

I am eager to see where this series will go.  Ryder and Raine are a fierce couple and any smart man would steer clear.  Their sexual desire for each other is sizzling, red hot! The underlying mystery kept my attention to the very end. 

Michele gives this book a

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