Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: Were-Devils' Revenge by Simone Sinna

Were-Devils' Revenge
Were-Devils of Tasmania #2
by: Simone Sinna
$4.99 eBook
Paranormal Erotica / menage
Released: December 2012

So much pain and hurt.  A love lost, resulting in misunderstanding and bloodshed.  Will all involved take heed to the old prophecy, or will each family be doomed to continue the blood feud?  Strong, sassy and set in her ways Gabriella loved her family, but never really seemed to be a part of it.  Mich and Mac are set on revenge and begin following leads to met out their own justice for the wrongs done to their sister.  They embark on a set idea that could take them into danger, but assuredly takes them to a love that is needed to heal old wounds.
I didn't think I'd like the way the story shifted from past to present.  But then, it was needed to lay the groundwork of the story.  As I continued to read, it made more sense. The brothers work at a resort as they wait for leads to help them with their revenge, and it's there they meet Gabriella. She senses the brothers are too good to be true, and needs to keep a eye on them.  She tells herself to ignore her need to be around them that she doesn't understand.
Angel has been holding the past close to her heart as she tries to guide the younger ones in her family toward the goal of safety and survival.  Will an old hurt ever be made better by the younger generations of the two families?  I actually like all the characters.  They all meshed well with the story line. The story line itself was steady and kept my attention. 

Daria gives this book a

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