Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Taming the Bachelor by M.J. Carnal

Taming the Bachelor
Moretti #1

By: MJ Carnal
$14.50 trade paperback
$2.99 eBook
Contemporary Erotica
Released: July 2013

Who knew that the quiet presence of Sophie would rock the foundation of heart hardened, playboy Marine, Mark Moretti.  Two wounded souls. One pre-wedding vacation.  Mark and Sophie are drawn together in an emotionally and sexually charged vortex that has them both gasping for their next breath, but will they survive the impact? 

Sophie does not want to have anything to do with another playboy, but she is drawn to his intensity and good looks.  When she found her fiancĂ© in bed with another woman, the walls went up around her heart. Thank Heavens for her best friend, Molly, who picked her up, dusted her off and helped her survive.

As soon as Mark could work, he took care of his sister and mother.  His father, a lifetime military man, rarely made appearances.  So as man of the house, Mark helped provide for his family, but he knew how to play.  With his three buddies, Rich, Caleb, and Ryan, they broke hearts all over Beverly Hills.  Marine life changed him, but he didn’t realize how much until he met Band-aid Girl.  She made him want more in life. 

When a misunderstood, overheard conversation tears them apart will they ever be able to overcome it for the sake of their future?

**swoon**….Mark Moretti is definitely worthy.  Armed with smooth moves and amazing looks no woman is safe.  Sophie stands toe-to-toe with Mark and makes his head spin.  Gotta love a girl like that J  The friendly banter between this group of friends made me laugh out loud more than once and was super excited to read that this is the launching pad for a smoking hot series.

Michele gives this book a

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