Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: Marked by the Alpha by Adaline Raine

Marked by the Alpha
by: Adaline Raine
$3.95 eBook
Stormy Night Publications
Paranormal Erotica / Shapeshifter
Released: January 2013

A good quick read.  I have to say I find it funny when we have a clearly Dominate Male who is strong enough to be an alpha of a pack, yet can be brought low by a slip of a girl who's a dominate wolf herself. This was fun and I enjoyed the pace and the story line.  All I could have wished for that is was longer.  Mason is shocked by Dani's reaction to Him.  You can almost hear Him say, "Really, how could she?  Does she not know who I am?"  Then sweet little scared Dani who has never had to answer to anyone but herself receives her just reward for her sassiness to the Alpha. She takes on a bit of a spoiled child behavior..."I hate you." 
I loved Dani's best friend and Mason's second. Knowing just what both the BFF and the Alpha needed and how far to push both of them. Ms. Raine dropped a wee bit of danger mixed into a few heated sex scenes.  I liked the play between Mason and Dani-you could feel the sparks fly.  Mason seems a bit at a loss at what to do with Dani and Dani would much rather be left to her own devices.  What about the Second and the BFF, or the Second and the Alpha?  Will be interested in seeing how this is played out. Enjoy.
Daria gives this book a

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