Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Lick by Kylie Scott

Stage Dive #1
by: Kylie Scott
$13.99 trade paperback
$3.99 eBook
Momentum Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: July 2013

Hmmmm…..I wonder if my reaction would be the same if I woke up on the bathroom floor with a half-naked man snuggled up behind me and a five carat Cartier diamond on my left hand.   Unfortunately, David Ferris was crushed when the first woman that made him feel alive couldn’t remember their wedding.  Storming out, leaving her with a statement that his lawyers will ”deal with it” caused Evelyn to wonder just who had she married. Unfortunately, that bit of reality hit her in that face as the paparazzi swarmed her in the airport. David Ferris…guitar player for the uber popular band, Stage Dive, that’s who. 

Fighting against his celebrity status and unspoken truths, David and Ev try to salvage to the connection that brought them together, but others will try and break them apart.  When Ev finally snaps under the pressure, David lets her go, but not for long.  She inspired him to write new music, ignited a desire to consume her and a need to win her back. 

These two frustrated me to no end, but loved them together none the less.  When celebrity and real life personalities find love, the world can be a difficult place to live in.  Make up sex should always be this hot!  As they hid away from the world and gave their marriage the love and attention it needed, David and Evelyn’s young love was sweet on the surface with desire simmering just beneath.  I won’t tell you anymore because you need to experience Lick yourself, but David will not disappoint you with his determination to make her fall in love with him again. 

Michele gives this book a

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