Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: Lady Anne's Lover by Maggie Robinson

Lady Anne's Lover
The London List #3
by: Maggie Robinson
$9.95 trade paperback
Kensington Books
Historical Romance
Released: July 2013

Lady Imaculata has made a name for herself among the Ton as a scandalous harlot with no care for propriety.  Yet the reasons for her doing so are darker than anyone knows.  In fear for herself, she knows she must disappear for a time, and turns to the London List for help.  In no time, she's set up at the estate of a bachelor war veteran as a housekeeper with a fake identity, going simply by her middle name of Anne.  Problem is, she has no idea how to keep house.  But since her new boss spends his days deep in his cups, she hopes he won't notice her horrendous coffee or terrible cooking skills. 

Gareth made a name for himself in the military, retiring with honor.  But due to the loss of his arm and the pending loss of his estate due to his father's gambling debts, he's decided the only way to solve his dilemma is to drink himself unconscious every night.  One look at his new housekeeper has him wondering if she's as young as she looks, or if it's the alcohol making it seem so.  He's shocked when she takes him to task for not only his drinking, but also the deplorable state of his home.  There's something about his fiery employee that makes him want to be a better person.  Little by little, he begins to emerge from the drunken haze he's lived in for months, and learns there's more to Anne than he first thought.  And when she proposes an arrangement that will benefit them both, he begins to have hope for the first time in months.

Anne shows amazing character considering her dark past, and I loved watching the two banter back and forth.  And once Gareth quit trying to drink himself to death, he turned into a wonderful dependable character.  The deal the two struck brought them closer together, and it was fun watching Gareth try to break down Anne's walls regarding her view on men.  This was a touching heartfelt story about the power of love and second chances.  Great book.

Carla gives this book a

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