Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Innocence Defied by Lainey Reese

Innocence Defied
New York #3
by: Lainey Reese
$4.50 ebook
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: July 2013

Gage Hollister is a successful business man and enjoys the company of any woman he desires, and when he is pursued by Zoe Marshall, the sister to his childhood friend, will he give in to her?  Zoe has plotted and planned this trip to New York to the minute detail.  This young woman will not be denied the man she has saved herself for, even if it means exploring a whole new world of dominance and submission to show him commitment. 
Pushed to the max, Gage cannot deny her beauty and sexual attraction any longer and agrees to Zoe’s birthday wish of losing her virginity to him.  He is careful to not scare her with his level of possession, but that rope quickly unravels. His Dom wants to own her in every sense of the word and to his surprise she submits beautifully.  Stunned by her innate submissive nature, Gage explores the world of D/s with her.
Their blooming romance goes over as well as a lead balloon when her brother finds out, but with the help of her cousin’s wife, they begin to understand and are stunned with the transformation of Gage and Zoe.
This is such an amazing series.  The emotional continuity from book to book with the characters' presence throughout each story flows seamlessly.  The sexual exploration between Zoe and Gage evolves and a new couple emerges.  The BDSM context was cigarette worthy (if I smoked..LOL).  I Love! Love! LOVED this book and series.  Some of Zoe’s tactics are comical and laughed out loud more than once at her.
Michele gives this book a

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