Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: Collaring the Saber-Tooth by Trinity Blacio

Collaring the Saber-Tooth
Masters of the Cats #1by: Trinity Blacio
$6.99 eBook
Riverdale Ave. Books
Paranormal Erotica / Menage
Released: March 2013

Wow.. if I wasn't so naughty minded I'd have blushed a few times reading this. Just saying. You have Maya, a woman with a violent past that reaches out to other women in need. She has a home set up for the lost souls she finds. Guiding, teaching and protecting. All in the back of her mind she feels a change that will happen. Her beast craves a union that only a certain male can fill. Akaos (inserts a rawr here), is more male than most know. He is a protector of realms. He is co-mated.  One wonders if they all will get along?

A danger that has to be stopped and a wronged that needs to be righted. Passion wars with what has always been. Emotions run high for Maya her family increases with the presence of Akaos. Her Cat is more than willing to "bend" she isn't so ready. I loved this book, it was fun. It kept me in-tuned and anxious for the page turn.

A few words were spelled wrong. It didn't take away from the story line or the characters. I didn't like how this one ended (hates semi cliff hangers). Passion hot steamy sex some doors I'd not have thought to open. What do you do with more than one Dominate male when you're soo used to calling the shots and being alone? They show her what it is to be Dominated but as well as what it is to be loved and have a family. I loved it and can't wait to find book 2. Enjoy!!

Daria gives this book a


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