Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: Captive's Desire by Natasha Knight

Captive's Desire
by: Natasha Knight
$4.95 eBook
Stormy Night Publications
Sci-Fi Erotica / BDSM
Released: July 2013

Wow!  Where to start, because wow just doesn't cover it.  Why did this appeal to me?  A young girl, a soldier that is trained and taught just one way of life crash lands on a planet that has mutants and air that's polluted.  At least she thinks it is.  She is raring and eager to fight.  She is saved by the ultimate soldier.  Even being her enemy, he is thinking about her safety.  Of course, she's less than appreciative about it.
On her home planet they don't do the sex thing, so when she sees Hayden just imagine how her mind starts clicking. Feeling heat in places she shouldn't, she tries to cover it up by being sassy and hard to deal with after being taken prisoner.  Hayden knows what he is about and tries to let Livie come to her own conclusions about the life she knows. He explains to her there won't be a rescue and the reasons why.  The resistance that he leads is gearing up for a strike with Livie being there now, and some aren't very welcoming. 
With Livie being sassy and hardheaded Hayden deems it necessary to show her who is boss. He spanks her and threatens more spankings. (He does love giving spankings). From Livie's reaction Hayden is good at swinging his large hand across her naked bottom.  She gasps and gets indignant, but that's how she supposed to feel, right? The Dom in Hayden comes across well, as does Livie's submissive nature.  Well, besides her temper showing itself a few times. 
But will the plans of the resistance and Hayden's past break the trust that is building between him and Livie?  We will see. Enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

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