Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Sanctum Illusions by Edenmary Black

Sanctum Illusions
Shadow Havens #4
by: Edenmary Black
$4.99 eBook
Self Published
Paranormal Romance
Released: March 2013

Back to the happenings of the Sanctum and Demanse and its Angels, Daemons, Demons, Vampires, Weres and humans.  Have I said before how much I absolutely adore this series?  There are so many supernaturals to intrigue us, and intrigue you they do.

As with the entire series there is a lot going on in this installment, you have psycho ex-girlfriends stirring up trouble, the partially dead being forced to face facts, viscous attacks with mortal consequences being planned out, love blossoming, pasts revealed, mistakes made and unscrupulous acts happen and much more.

I love that there are no limitations between the supernaturals and mating, (i.e. vampires can only mate vampires and so on).  I think the mixing of supernatural beings through mating’s help to make this series incredibly interesting and incredibly sexy.

The past seems to have a lot to do with this book, it affects several of the supernaturals, including Saan and Sabastien.  We are also introduced to a new Angel, Kellan a rather untraditional Angel type who is quick witted, smart mouthed and needs some fashion sense, LOVE HIM.  He’s Tam’s guide angel and let’s just say they have clashing personalities.  And we get a glimpse of the Archangels including Lucifer who left my head spinning with a riddle I’m dying to get the answer to.

I liked the thought of Fortune and Rachel as a couple before this book, NOW I’m hooked on them, they are without a doubt my favorite pair in the entire series so far, don’t get me wrong all of the couples are great, but these two really appeal to me for some reason.  I also am very impressed with Ilea’s character, for a woman who led such a sheltered life she sure is one smart cookie!

Edenmary Black’s Shadow Haven’s series is a bright refreshing addition to the paranormal romance genre.

Drue gives this book a

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