Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review: Plus One by Brighton Walsh

Plus One
by: Brighton Walsh
$1.99 ebook
Carina Press
Contemporary Romance
Released: May 2013

Olivia is sick of dating a steady stream of losers.  While she's fine with being alone, she has a series of weddings to attend, and she'd rather not spend her evenings getting pitying looks from people.  She's debating what to do when her best guy friend, Ian, steps in and offers to be her plus one to help her out.  She agrees, glad to have somebody she can relax and have a good time with.  Thing is, she hasn't seen Ian in a few years, and when she opens the door for their first date, she can't believe she's never noticed how ruggedly handsome he is.  But no, she refuses to go there and ruin a friendship that's spanned decades. 

Ian has been in love with Olivia for years, but he's been unwilling to risk their friendship by telling her how he feels.  Even moving to a different city hasn't changed how he feels, and it all comes rushing back the moment he sees her, horrifying bridesmaid dress and all.  And when he sees her secretly eyeing him like a piece of candy, he decides to take a chance.  Although the passion they share between the sheets is undeniable, she makes it clear she doesn't want anything more.  That's too bad, because now that Ian's had a taste of her, he's never letting her go again.  Now he just has to convince her.

This was a great story about how a solid friendship can become something so much more, if only both people are brave enough to give it a chance.  Olivia is a confidant, successful business owner who values friendships above all else.  Ian has been in love with Olivia since he met her as a teen, and the feelings have only grown along with their friendship.  I loved seeing the easy camaraderie between the two, and you could tell the two would be perfect for each other at once.  Too bad the characters are a bit slower to catch on, but that's what keeps you turning the pages.  This was a sweet love story with some steamy sex thrown in.  It was a short story, but I was surprised when it ended, since the story was so thorough.  I really liked this, and will keep my eyes open for more from this talented author.

Carla gives this book a

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