Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: My Wicked Devil by Ann Mayburn

My Wicked Devil
Club Wicked #3
by: Ann Mayburn
$7.99 ebook
Loose ID Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: May 2013

A motorcycle stunt gone wrong left Kira Harmony with a fractured pelvis and inability to enjoy sex without pain.  She finds herself at Club Wicked in search of a Dom.  A Sadist that can help her find the pleasure in pain, but never expects to find the man who could give her the world.
Lord Bryan preferred to stay in the shadows keeping his heart removed from the scenes that he indulged in until he meets a luscious woman with an interesting situation.  Immediately there is an intensity between them that he can’t deny, but Kira’s extreme lust for life has left her without mental and physical boundaries that threaten the fragile bond between Master and submissive.

Trust. Without it there is no future for them.  Lord Bryan fears he will hurt Kira before she would safeword, but when she pushes the limits he does what he must to protect her from herself.

I love this series!  Ann Mayburn has created an elegant world of sexual exploration and acceptance within the relationships of Club Wicked.  Initially confused by this foreign concept,  Lord Bryan’s character demonstrates sensual sadism that definitely piqued my interest.  Bryan and Kira share an intense bond that pushes the limits for some, but the mantra of BDSM is safe, sane and consensual.  Safewords are given for just these types of scenes by giving the submissive the power to end the scene. 
The continuity of the characters throughout the storyline demonstrates the close family that can develop within private clubs.   Faces from earlier books surface as well as glimpses at future coupling teases us with what is yet to come.  I will definitely stay tuned for the next story of My Wicked Trainers, Masters Liam and Rory.

Michele gives the book a

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