Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Mates Since Birth by Miranda Stowe

Mates Since Birth
Half Breed Shifter Series #3
by: Miranda Stowe 
ISBN# ???
$3.45 eBook 
Whispers Publishing
Paranormal Romance / Shapeshifter
Released: August 2013

Dane knew Ari before she was born.  As she grew in her mother’s womb, he could communicate with her, so when she fought the birthing process, he was there to coax her into the world.  When the focus shifted to her mother, Dane was given the responsibility of caring for Ari, and when she grew hungry he did the only thing he knew how to do. Little did young Dane know, but he had marked Ari as his mate.  When Dane entered puberty, Ari’s fearful father wanted nothing more that protect his daughter, so they disappeared into the night.

As Ari grew up she loved cats, but as a wolf shifter the feeling was not mutual, and when her cat climbed a tree and refused to come down she went after it only to dangle from the limb herself. So when a sexy man in a three piece suit and dark glasses offered to help his shifter scent consumed her.  Shifting to his Jaguar body, he climbed the rescued the stranded feline…both of them. Familiarity tingled in her brain as Dane wove story of a time in their lives when they were inseparable and the devastation when he discovered she was gone.

Dane searched for Ari and now that he had found her, it was time to break their bond until the electricity them begins to crackle with life.  She father still believes that she should be able to choose her mate and summons a nearby pack to run Dane off. However, the hunters are also diverging on her sleepy little town coming to kill/capture its residents, but he isn’t going anywhere as they prepare for battle.

The sweet prologue of a little boy rubbing a pregnant belly whispering to the little life stirring within convincing her to come to him brought tears to my eyes.  The intensity between these characters had me hanging on every word.  Dane and Ari’s bond made for some interesting situations and conversations…comical and red hot sexuality.  I cannot wait to read the next story in this series.
Michele gives this book

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