Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Make Mine a Double by Nicole Austin

Make Mine a Double
A sequel to My Greatest Fantasy
by: Nicole Austin

$5.20 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotica / menage
Released: July 2011

After her last boyfriend ran up a pile of debt then split, Kaylie has sworn off men.  When she loses her apartment, a friend offers another friend's house, since the men are out of the country indefinitely.  Kalylie agrees, but figures it's just until she can get back on her feet.  After a night of too much tequila, she wakes up to find a man in her bed.  A naked man.  So she does what anyone else would do, and clubs him over the head.  Come to find out, he's one of the house's owners, and luckily isn't mad about the near brain damage.  When she sees how happy he is to see her naked in his bed, she figures what the hell, you only live once.  And when she looks over to see another equally hot naked man in the doorway watching them, she begins to think she's just having an amazing alcohol-induced dream.

But it's no dream.  Max and Brayden are business partners and lovers, and have been searching the globe for the one woman to complete them.  They never expected to find her sprawled naked on their bed.  But although the three of them seem to be working great, Kaylie's afraid that her dream of a white picket fence and two point five kids won't work if she's got two men in her life.  Now it's up to Max and Brayden to show her the benefits of having not one, but two men in her bed and her life.

This book was so hot, I'm amazed my ereader didn't catch fire.  The explosive chemistry between these three characters was amazing to witness.  Both Max and Brayden balance each other out, and Kaylie does an amazing job tying them all together.  Watching Kaylie struggling with two jobs to pay off the debt her ex left behind is sad, but she never complains or asks for help, which drives Max crazy.  Personally, I'd be fine with two super hot guys wanting to take care of me, but that's something Kaylie must accept on her own time.  Great story, and the sex in this book was amazing.  I need a cold shower just thinking about it.  :)

Carla gives this book a

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  1. I have yet to read anything from Nicole Austin I didn't love. Her writing style flows so well, and she weaves sizzling sex into a strong romance seamlessly. She's truly a talented author.