Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Lunar Exposure by Shona Husk

Lunar Exposure
On the Hunt series
by: Shona Husk
$4.45 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: May 2013

Callen is determined to finally catch Noga, a terrorist who nearly killed him years ago.  The bounty on Noga's head will be enough to clear his debts and start a new life.  Receiving intel that Noga is going to destroy Decadent Moon, a lush resort where all your fantasies come true, he boards under the guise of a guy out for a little fun.  But once there, his search is interrupted when he sees Haliday, a high-class socialite known for her charitable donations and steady stream of bed partners.  Their attraction is mutual and powerful, and they quickly fall into bed together.  Callen just never expected to wake up tied to the bed, with Haliday long gone.

Haliday is on the run from her past, trying to make enough money for her charities and to ensure those out to get her never find her.  What the media doesn't realize is most of her money comes from bounty hunting, and she's after her biggest tag of all.  Noga's bounty will ensure her safety for a long time to come.  Her attraction to Callen is intense, and she figures she can use him to keep her cover while she quietly stalks Noga.  But when she discovers Callen's also a bounty hunter, all bets are off.

But together they're more powerful than apart, so they reluctantly agree to work together to bring down their bounty.  But can their truce last long enough to find Noga and stop the destruction? 

I've always enjoyed stories about bounty hunters, especially when two bounty hunters are after the same person.  In this story, Callen and Haliday are drawn to each other by their pheromones, and are virtually powerless to resist the lust flowing between them.  In such a short book, Shona Husk manages to convey depths to the characters I didn't expect.  Haliday is hiding in plain sight, hoping to live another day.  Callen is out for revenge, and won't stop until he gets it.  Together, the two were explosive, and this book did an excellent job of whisking me away to another time and place, even though it was a short story.  Great book.

Carla gives this book a

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