Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Love Plus One by Andrea M. Smith

Love Plus One
G-Man #2
by: Andrea M. Smith
$11.99 trade paperback
Contemporary Romance
Released: June 2013

When FBI agent Trace “Taz” Matthews helped the slightly inebriated stepdaughter of his best friend into his truck after her parents wedding, his intentions were innocent. When the bubbly champagne makes a reappearance all over his truck, he feels obligated to take care of her. Right down to helping her out of her dress and cleaning her up.  Taz can’t help but take notice of how beautiful Lindsey Dennison is, but she is the stepdaughter of his best friend and the forbidden fruit.  Lindsey won’t fight the attraction and changes the course of their future with one kiss.  Lindsey’s father has yet to resurface since his flight from justice, but her new stepfather, Eric “Slate” Slater takes his new role very seriously, especially when unusual things happen to her.  While away at college, she finds a protector in classmate Kyzer Stanfield, or so she thinks, but Taz will fight for what is his at all costs.  As an FBI agent, he has every resource available to do just that, but will it be enough?

The sexual chemistry between these two is EXPLOSIVE!  Their growing relationship encompasses emotional and intimate bonds that had me craving every word.  Lindsey is a typical college girl with girlfriends and clubbing, but her attraction to Taz and her devotion to her family shows an amazing young
woman.  This story can be read as a stand-alone, but I will be going back to read Book 1, Diamond Girl, for some story history.  Taz is an intensely, sexy alpha male that battles between his head and heart. Love Plus One’s underlying mystery and suspense is a gripping story that you will enjoy, so don’t plan on getting anything done till the last page is read.

Michele gives this book a

This book contains a rape scene.


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