Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Licence to Pleasure by Beverly Havlir

License to Pleasure
Pleasure Seekers #2
by: Beverly Havlir
$4.45 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: February 2010

On her way to her sister's wedding, Lara instead finds herself kidnapped, stripped, and beaten.  Praying that her sister will come save her, she's instead greeted by a towering brute of a warrior who says he's here to save her.  When he's done oogling her dirty, bruised body, that is.  Turns out Vartan was sent by the king of Bandar to save her, though his people skills leave a lot to be desired.  Aside from his appreciation of her body, he's made it clear he doesn't like her, he doesn't like that she's an actress, and he'll be glad to get rid of her first chance he gets.  But the deeper into the jungle they go and the more time passes, Lara begins to realize there's more to this grump than meets the eye.  And having the pleasure to trail behind him and watch his ass as they walk, well, that's just a bonus.  Soon she's more afraid of her body's reaction to him than any chance of pursuit.  Although their passion can't be denied, she knows anything between them can never be more than a jungle fling.

Vartan expected to rescue a trained special ops warrior like his king's fiancĂ©e, but instead finds a helpless, pampered brat.  Even dirty and beaten, though, her curves make him want to take her against the nearest wall.  Trekking though the jungle to safety, she's a distraction he doesn't need, but one he's helpless to resist.  And while jungle lovin' has never been as good, he realizes he doesn't want to give her up once the mission's complete.

This was a fun, sexy story about two people who couldn't be more different forced together and told to play nice.  And oh, how they did.  The sexual tension helped to propel the story along, and the trek through the jungle let us see sides to both characters I'm sure they'd rather not have shown anyone.  Great story.

Carla gives this book a

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