Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Dream Girl by David M. Magowan

Dream Girl
by: David M. Magowan
$1.69 eBook
Wee Prince Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: March 2013

“Every single man has imagined her... His dream girl... And Todd Gaines is no different. Perpetually reeling from one car crash date to the next, he wallows in his loneliness and imagines his perfect woman in every detail. Then one day, she comes into his life! His dream girl... Just the way he imagined her. He can't believe his luck, especially when it turns out that she seems to be just as smitten with him. But he can't help wondering just where the hell she came from. And in answering that question it becomes clear that the secret that she hides also conceals a force of utter malevolence which is soon awakened. Getting closer to the truth means getting closer to an unstoppable evil that will pitch him into a desperate battle for survival. Still beats Internet dating though!”

Dream Girl is a fun easy quick read.  Todd is your typical boring just average guy who has absolutely no self-esteem.

Just when he’s pretty much thinking his life can’t get any more boring he happens upon Sien who is the absolute perfect woman for Todd.  Everything that Todd has ever wanted in life begins to actually happen when a vicious murder takes place, suddenly things start to prickle at Todd’s conscious, and he quickly figures out things are not really what they may seem to be.

Dream Girl is very much a love conquers all story, its classified as an Erotic Romance, however there wasn’t much erotic about it, but it was interesting, funny and surprising.  Favorite line “He had all the wit and charm of a bulldog humping someone’s leg”.

Drue gives this book a


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