Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Our 3 Year Anniversary!

It's our anniversary today, hooray!  It's hard to believe that we've been online for three whole years now.  When Annette and I sat down and drafted the idea for our site, we didn't give much thought to the future.  We just wanted to share our love of books with the world, and I think we've managed that.  With over 32,000 visitors, 800+ likes on Facebook and 230+ Twitter followers, we've come a long way.  We never thought we'd get so big so fast, and we owe it all to you.  Some of you have been with us since our first posting, and some of you are more recent.  But without you, we wouldn't be here, so I'd like to take this opportunity to say Thank You! to all of you.  If you continue to stick with us, we'll continue to bring you great reviews and great authors who write the books we love and cherish. 

By the way, I know last year at this time we'd asked you guys what you wanted to see on this site, and several of you said book covers instead of a list of titles for our past reviews.  I just want to let you know I do remember that, and I haven't forgotten.  We're hosted through Blogger, and I've had an extremely difficult time making the pictures line up in a nice neat row.  Right now I'm going back through our more than 700 posts (wow that's a lot of book reviews!) and reformatting them.  Once done, I'm going to try the nail-biting hair-pulling task of putting pictures for our past reviews, because I agree with you guys, and I know it will look great once finished.  I know everyone says don't judge a book by its cover, but let's be realistic.  Most people do, and sometimes a cover can make you pause and think, "Hmm, that looks steamy, let's see what it's about."  I guess this is just an FYI to you guys that there are going to be some changes (again) to the site, and a plea to be patient with me while I do it.  Thanks again for sticking with us all these years, and happy reading!


For our author and publisher friends, we're running a special on our ad prices!  For a flat rate of $10 per month, you can run a 250x250 ad with us!  Check out our Advertising page for more details.

And what's a celebration without gifts, right?  To honor our anniversary, we're giving away two gift baskets full of goodies.  Want to know what's inside?  Read on...

The Grand Prize Gift Basket includes:
  • Autographed copy of Wild About You by Kerrelyn Sparks
  • Print copy of Saved By His Submissive by Angel Payne
  • Ebook of Take Me, Break Me by Cari Silverwood
  • Ebook of Predator's Kiss by Rosanna Leo
  • Ebook of Wolf's Haven (Caedmon Wolves #1) by Ambrielle Kirk
  • Your choice of one ebook from the Dartmouth Cobra series by Bianca Sommerland
  • Your choice of one book from the Coded for Love series by Lynne Silver
  • Your choice of one backlist ebook by Ann Mayburn
  • Your choice of one backlist ebook from Hazel St. James
  • Your choice of one backlist ebook from Leia Shaw
  • Signed book from Jenna Jacob
  • RomFan Reviews notepad
  • RomFan Reviews pen
  • A bunch of bookmarks and postcards showcasing different authors and books

The First Place Gift Basket includes:
  • RomFan Reviews coffee mug
  • RomFan Reviews notepad
  • RomFan Reviews pen
  • A Diamond Candle, with a ring inside valued between $10-$1000
  • A bunch of bookmarks and postcards showcasing different authors and books 
  • Wild Boys swag from Angel Payne
  • swag from Ambrielle Kirk
  • swag from Kallypso Masters
  • Autographed book covers of The Lady is a Vamp, Under a Vampire Moon, and The Key from Lynsay Sands
  • Signed bookplates from Adrian Phoenix and D.B. Reynolds
  • Signed RomFan Reviews bookplates from:
    • Brita Addams
    • Bonnie Bliss
    • Regina Carlysle
    • Cassandra Carr
    • Deborah Cooke
    • Christine d'Abo
    • Shoshanna Evers
    • Jacob Z. Flores
    • Jenna Jacob
    • Kim Knox
    • Lila Munro
    • Rick R. Reed
    • D.B. Reynolds
    • Lynne Silver
    • Kerrelyn Sparks
    • Terry Spear
    • Ethan Stone
    • Tessa Wanton


And to win it, we're going to make you work for it.  All our posts starting from June 1, 2013 to the post directly before this one will have one word in them with a different font than all the others.  (No, italics don't count)  Find all the words and email them all to me at  The words have to be spelled correctly and in the proper order.  (i.e., the order the posts are in is the order I want the words.)  We'll take everyone who has gotten it right and draw a winner on Monday, June 10th at noon EST.  It's like a scavenger hunt!  Now go get 'em!


  1. Oh, I think I am blind now from searching for all the words, lol.

  2. I chose a font that, on my screen, looked quite different. But once it posted, even I had a hard time finding the words, and I'd chosen them. :)