Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Wolf's Desire by Ambrielle Kirk

Title: Wolf’s Desire
Series: Caedmon Wolves #4
By: Ambrielle Kirk 
Price: $2.99 eBook 
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shape shifter 
Released: March 30, 2013

  Case closed. Suspect arrested.  But she knows what she saw the night her husband stashed her in the trunk for safe keeping….a large wolf attacked him. Hiding in the shadows late one night as a man broke into her house, he showed her a side of her late husband that she never knew existed, and she startles him causing him to drop what h tried to escape with. 
Aiden Price was a natural born protector, but on the cusp of his retirement he is called in for one more case.  A widow that needs his innate talent, but he was not prepared for Keira.  The moment he smelled her, his wolf cried “mate”.   When Aiden discovers what the intruder was after, he knows the importance of the item to his clan and must protect them both with his life. 
One the run, Aiden is forced to expose his secret to Keira, but how will she react?
I love this series!  The men are sexy.  The women are strong and a tad stubborn, but their chemistry is amazing.  Ms. Kirk’s Caedmon Wolf Series is addicting and I can’t wait for the next book this summer.
Michele gives this book

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