Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: A Wedding in Springtime by Amanda Forester

TITLE: A Wedding in Springtime
AUTHOR: Amanda Forester
ISBN# 978-1-4022-7178-6
PRICE / TYPE: $6.99 Print
PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks
GENRE: Historical Romance
Her Timing Couldn't Be Worse...

Miss Eugenia Talbot's presentation to the queen is spoiled by a serious faux pas—the despicable William Grant made her laugh, right in front of Her Majesty. Now Eugenia is ruined and had better marry—someone, anyone—at once...

And His Couldn't Be Better...

Roguish William Grant has never taken anything seriously in his life. Until he meets Eugenia Talbot, who makes him feel and do thing he never thought he would.

Now Eugenia's great sense of humor and kindheartedness may be her undoing, unless William can help her find a husband. To his surprise, that's the last thing he wants to do...

Fun and entertaining Amanda Forester will take you into a world of romance, intrigue and humor.  The chemistry between Eugenia and William is a perfect pairing that they will keep you completely enchanted.   Forester had me hooked from the very beginning with her first sentence; I knew this book was going to be one of those late night reads that you cannot put down until you have reached the end.  I look forward to seeing what Ms. Forester comes up with next, I am sure it will be well worth the wait.

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