Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Offside by Bianca Sommerland

SERIES: The Dartmouth Cobras #4
AUTHOR:Bianca Sommerland
ISBN# 978-1484128756
PRICE / TYPE:$4.99 eBook $15.99 Print
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
GENRE:Contemporary Erotica
RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2013
Just when I think that Bianca has outdone herself, she surprises me! I am sure that the Cobras have converted more that one woman into a hockey fan.

Offside is the story of Zach, Becky and Scott primarily, but Dominik and Akira's side story was just as captivating as they all grow as individuals. Emotions run high from the first chapter as the three of them are brought together when a parents worst nightmare unfolds before Becky's eyes and she is helpless to react, but two heroes will emerge. The three of them will form a bond that will satisfy each others need. Zach will emerge as an intuned Dom reading Becky's submissive needs, but a passionate lover for Scott. However, Scott being more of a sensual lover feeds both Zach and Becky's desires. Love does not come without risk and heartache before one can truly understand the other. 

The amount of emotional and psychological healing that takes place is astounding. Scott's history is slowly exposed and a greater understanding of where his sexual and reckless behavior originates. His past will anger you, but the support of his loved one will help him conquer his demons. Becky's battered soul adventually realizes that it has nothing to fear from Scott and Zach, but she will learn that the hard way as she almost loses it all. Zach, well he is one that learns that hard way. When he commits he is all in for the long haul, but occasionally will need a gentle reminder of the greater good.  
The birth of Baby Bower was an exciting moment as we learned it's sex, but seeing Landon and Dean in baby-gushing mode was too cute. Silver's battle with postpartum depression played a pivotal point for the three of them. I see things changing for these two Alpha men as the series evolves. Deeper...yes :) Sexually...only Bianca knows and she wouldn't share that with me. ;)

The sexual bonds left my Kindle asking for a cigarette at then end. Becky's submission was peaceful as Zach allows her to give herself to him completely, but he is human and to err is divine. Bianca's ability to conjure those naughty images with her attention to detail will hook you from their first encounter at the club to one of the amazing motorcycle rides. You will not be left with a dry eye as Becky's daughter, Casey, seals the deal with her innocent look at love and acceptance.

One of my favorite passages would have to be between Zach and Scott...."Hell, you and Becky have alot in common." Zach presses Scott's head down on his shoulder. "Anyone can 'use' you. I plan to keep you." 
Michele gives this book

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