Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: My Wicked Nanny Book Two Club Wicked Series by Ann Mayburn

TITLE: My Wicked Nanny
SERIES: Book Two of the Club Wicked Series
AUTHOR: Ann Mayburn
ISBN# 978-1-62300-308-1
PRICE / TYPE: $6.99 eBook
GENRE: Contemporary Erotica, BDSM, Bondage
RELEASE DATE: April 2, 2013

When Anya Koslov accepted to waitress job at Club Wicked, she really had no idea what she would find within this discreet society.  Her orientation paled in comparison for the real deal. As per Wicked policy, all servers wore masks to allow an air of anonymity for the club members.   The ornate decorations oozed with class and sophistication as beautiful bodies roamed freely in various stages of undress. Donning her dove mask, Anya transformed into the beautiful graceful bird she wore upon her face.  She melded with the other Wicked staff and interacted well with members, until she saw the one face that would change it all.

By day she was a nanny to widowed father, Jesse and his twin sons, and at night served drinks at Wicked.  Almost dropping her tray, she stared at the man who starred in her sinful fantasies. Jesse sat reclined back on the sofa clad in tight faded jeans that hugged every muscle and bulge, and an open leather vest showing his sculpted body.  Coaxing her into his strong embrace, she thought for sure Jesse would recognize her now and she would lose her day job, but to her surprise he was truly seeing her for the first time.  As a curvy young woman, Anya was self-conscious of her weight, but to Jesse she fit perfectly and now he wanted more. 

Hiding her night time persona from her day time boss was not an easy task, but Jesse continued to not see who was before him.  Master Jesse though would wait every night for Dove to finish work and show her how good his touch could feel as she learned the sensuality of BDSM that only he could give her.
But what happens when the veil between day and night comes down?  Will Master and Dove survive or will Jesse and Anya lose it all? 

Once again Ann Mayburn has entranced her readers with the class and sensuality of Club Wicked with Anya and Jesse as they show us that beauty is in the soul.  The sexual electricity between these two is palpable and combustible when they finally come together and not even fear can extinguish their passion.  This series will knock your socks of and leaving wanting more.  Good thing for us that Ann has an erotic firestorm in Club Wicked and its members are begging for their stories to be told. Stay tuned you won’t be disappointed.

Michele gives this book


  1. Yeah! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Michelle. :D Jesse and Anya's story was a fun one to write and I hope you fell in love with him just like I did. :)

  2. :D Awesome review Michele! I loved Jesse and Anya! <3