Monday, April 22, 2013

Interview and Contest with Author Jayne Rylon

What writing rituals do you have?
Well… I have a set of rituals now but I feel like they may be changing soon as many were born of necessity in the days when I had a full time career as the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis for a Fortune 500 company in addition to writing.  As of writing this, I have just three days left working both jobs before becoming a full time author!  OMG & EEK.  So… old rituals include writing in the dead of night when the house is dark and quiet.  I usually am in my PJ’s and I used to write in bed on my laptop with my husband sleeping next to me until we renovated a room in our house as my office earlier this year.  Hopefully, in my new world, I will be getting up early, going to the gym then coming home to write.  Maybe have some Raman noodles or spaghetti o’s for lunch then write some more until it’s time to start dinner for Mr. Rylon.  Hoping that I can reach my word count goals while he’s at work and then actually get to spend some time with him in the evenings, maybe while sneaking on Facebook or taking care of the business of writing from the couch upstairs.  That’s the plan anyway, let’s see what happens!

Does your family read your books? 
I’m so fortunate that my family is VERY supportive of my writing.  Unfortunately this means they want to read my books all the time.  My mom asks me constantly.  But I don’t think they quite know what they’re getting into J  So far I’ve asked them not to read the stories because I’m afraid I’ll pull my punches if I know my mom is going to see it someday!  My brother gave me the idea for Pick Your Pleasure in writing a book where the reader gets to decide what happens.  So I sent him a copy open to the dedication page but I duct taped the rest of the pages closed.  LOL  I mean, it’s not like they can’t just go online and download them, but at least I won’t know about it!

Chocolate or candy?
Candy all the way.  I am addicted to sugar, I admit it.  I love fruity stuff in artificial flavors.  Nerds, peeps, runts, cotton candy… you get the point.  If I’m going to make an exception it would be for Neuhaus chocolate, which my husband and I discovered while in Belgium.  I would have said I didn’t like chocolate up until I went there and realized there really is a difference in quality!  If you ever have a chance, I’d highly recommend trying it!

What is the next book you would like to read when you have time?
Wow, that’s a tough one.  I have stockpiled so many books.  Now that I’ll be a full time author reading again for fun is one of the top priorities on my list.  I think I’m most looking forward to getting caught up on Suzanne Brockmann’s latest series (she’s my favorite author!) as well as her new book of short stories set in the Troubleshooter world which is coming out soon.  I have also met many wonderful authors in my journeys these past few years and have been gathering autographed books from my favorites.  Top of my list to check out are Sidney Bristol, Carrie Ann Ryan and Ranae Rose.

Nothing’s sexier than seven men with hot rods.
Hot Rods, Book 1
After Eli’s mother died, his father honored her life’s mission as a social worker by taking in several kids from the wrong side of the tracks. Not all of them stuck, but those who did became Eli’s quasi family.
Their bonds, forged in fires set by their personal demons, are unbreakable—or so Eli wants to believe. Especially since he and Alanso, his best friend and head mechanic, witnessed the overpowering allure of polyamory while visiting the Powertools crew.
Much as Eli would like to deepen the relationships among his foster brothers and sister in the Hot Rods Restoration Team, he’s hesitant to risk everything on a quick romp behind a stack of tires.
But when Eli catches Alanso exploring their mutual fantasy at a known hookup spot in a public park, all bets are off. And Eli must decide if it’s time to jump in full throttle—and trust his instincts to guide him through the night. If the pair can dodge the potholes in their own relationship, maybe they can race together toward the unconventional arrangement with Mustang Sally they both desire.

Warning: Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be a wild (and naughty) ride!

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Jayne is giving away a prize pack that will include a variety of items including T-shirt, print copy of Pick Your Pleasure, flavored lube, autographed cover flats, playing cards, keychain, etc. The rafflecopter code for this is below. I have set it up so readers can comment daily to have more chances to win.

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  1. Jaynes Powertools series is one of my favorites! I've got my copy of King Cobra but have to wait until I have uninterrupted time to read because I know I won't be able to put it down. That's how it was with Pick Your Pleasure!

  2. Never read this author, but the book looks

  3. I've been taking writing classes and my family is very supportive also. Like Jayne, I would FREAK if my mom wanted to read my ideas or what I have so far!


  4. I haven't read the Powertools series yet but the Compass Brothers is my all time favorite series in this genre! Love Jayne Rylon!!

  5. im not sure i think i might have read one of the book of yours but i love you goodies i will blog on them and then post them

  6. For those who haven't read the Powertools series, READ IT!!! OMG, it is awesome & my favorite series ever. The Hot Rods series is going to be just as great. I can tell already

  7. Jayne is a new author to me but this series sounds great...can't wait to read it! I'm looking looking forward to her books! This was a great post and excited to have found a new author!

  8. I enjoyed the interview