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Guest Blog from Hazel St. James and Review of her book Club Red

Thank you for having me, Michele!  This is the third stop on the “Club Red” blog tour.  I am so excited to be here!

“Club Red” is the third book in the “Learning to Let Go” series to date.  The series was started in November of 2012, and has been an absolute joy for me to write.  I have put a little bit of my own life into each and every one of the characters that I have created.  Everyone has to find their own way of "letting go" of a particular hardship, problem, or life-force that is holding them back.  I plan on addressing every major emotion I possibly can, all the while letting the characters "explore" each other as best they know how!  In other words, lots of hot sex!

“Club Red” is a BDSM novella that is the completion of the story between bad boy, Chris Lake and sensible Sara Lonneman.  These two were the main focus of the prequel to the series “Just One Night”.  My fans were absolutely in love with the two characters, and they needed to have their story told.  It was very therapeutic for me to finish out their story line…end what was started.   The story does involve a lot of BDSM material and a few advanced techniques as well, but it is still a sensual love story.  Here is a bit from one of my favorite scenes:

Chris shook his head and laughed as he clumsily removed the bread from the pan and started to slice it right on the counter top. Sara snickered at his ineptness, throwing on her robe as she walked to the kitchen to rescue him. “Gonna tell me who made this?” she asked when she noticed that the sink was void of dirty dishes, and she was positive that she did not keep yeast on hand for bread baking.
Chris played hurt as he gasped, “Ouch, Sara,” he played it up even more by placing his hand over his heart. “I do have some hidden talents, you know.”
Sara reached over and devilishly tickled his ribs. “If you have been hiding this from me, then we are going to have a serious discussion about any of your other mad skills, Christopher Joseph Lake.”
After grabbing her hands and yanking her roughly into his body, he growled in her ear. “I think I showed you some of my best work last night, little one.”
The memories from last night made her close her eyes, and sink into his frame. Being restrained and completely exposed to Chris was actually very freeing. Her body easily sank into the restraints and she could easily give every part of her body over to her Master. Now that they were back to just being Sara and Chris, she knew that she could take liberties with Chris that she wouldn’t be able to when they were in a scene, or even in the bedroom.
“You may have to refresh my memory. I think I was a bit dazed last night.”
“You were more than dazed, Sara. You were deep in subspace before you gave in and fell asleep.”
Sara smiled against his chest as he continued to hold her tight. “If that’s subspace, then I like it. Do it again,” she playfully teased.
Chris snaked his hand around the length of her hair and sharply tugged backwards until Sara’s chin was tipped up and she was looking him directly in the eye. “I plan on doing just that. Tonight, little one.” Sara saw the lust darken his eyes, and the stoic Dominant mask slipped over his face. It was near impossible with his hand tethered in her hair to lower her gaze, but the urge was overwhelming. He continued to hold her captive, not only physically by her hair, but with his heated stare, until Sara could feel her insides throbbing. Sara’s lips parted and she let lose a soft whimper.
Chris softened his face with a crooked smile as he loosened his grip in her hair, letting her face fall forward. Her entire scalp was tingling from being restrained so tightly, causing shivers to race down her spine and moisture to pool in between her legs. With the softest touch, Chris kissed her lips and slowly helped her to stand up straight again.
“It’s not a good idea to beg, little one.”
Chris walked around her and proceeded to retrieve coffee cups from the cupboard and fill both of them with his brew.
“Janelle made the bread this morning. She just took it out of the oven right before she brought it down. Told me it was beer bread, and that it goes good with honey.” Sara was still in a daze as Chris explained where their breakfast came from. With a growling laugh, Chris stuck his fingers in front of Sara’s face and snapped them a couple of times.
“Come on, Sara. Come back to the land of the living, please. Let’s eat.”

Looking for more heat than that?  The really good stuff is in the book!  This is just a bit of the fire….the real heat is in the book!
Thank you for reading!


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Michele's review of Club Red:

“Just One Night” takes the reader on a journey with Chris and Sara as she discovers her submissive nature. They begin to explore their Dominant and submissive relationship, but the real world re-inserts itself into their lives and they lose each other…temporarily. 
"Let Me Fly” takes us home to Sara and her sister, Bryn.  A motorcycle accident takes Bryn to the ER when she meets the handsome Dr. Charlie Glyn.  They heal old wounds the other couldn’t heal alone. 
“I Need You” plot runs simultaneously alongside “Let Me Fly” with Sara following the death of her father leaving her to raise her younger sister after their mother leaves them alone.  Sara and Darrin, a childhood friend and neighbor, explore their feelings, but neither completely emotionally available to the other.  However, when a ghost rides in on a motorcycle it all unravels.
Check out Club Red to see where Sara and Chris end up.
 This was an amazing set of short stories that grabbed a hold and didn’t let go.  The characters are real and concrete with emotional baggage that makes you love them even more.  
Michele gives this book

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