Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: The Secret Society by Allie Harrison

TITLE: The Secret Society
AUTHOR: Allie Harrison
ISBN# 978-1-60394-778-7
PRICE / TYPE: $3.75 eBook
PUBLISHER: New Concepts Publishing
GENRE: Paranormal Romance

When Jack Holston was called, he and his team responded.  To right the wrongs done to the innocent my any means necessary.  A man driven by his past, Jack acted behind a cloak of secrecy and power.  Particular people knew of his services and supported his deeds. So when Dr. Brand called, Jack had no reason to believe this person would be like all the rest, but he was never more wrong.

Stella was Dr. Brand’s nurse and she needed help.  Her neighbor had gone from badgering her into accepting his date invitation to breaking into her home and assaulting her. With the skills of an elite force, Jack and his team swoop in and pluck her from the night unscathed.  Jack fights the urge to claim Stella, body and soul, but protecting her is the task at hand…for now. 

And when the enemy finds them, they will both shock and amaze each other.

Within the confines of 52 pages, the author created a fast paced story full of military precision and compassion.  Jack and Stella’s characters just clicked and I couldn’t get enough of them.  Paranormal romance you ask?  Just read because you won’t see it coming.   

Michele gives this book


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