Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: S&M III, Vol II by Vera Roberts

AUTHOR:  Vera Roberts
PRICE / TYPE: $5.99 eBook
PUBLISHER: Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment
GENRE: Contemporary Erotica BDSM
RELEASE DATE: September 2012

“The Past v. The Present v. The Future”

“Scott Reed has everything going well in his life: a great career, money in the bank, and an imminent proposal to his girlfriend, Mariana. But when his ex-fiancée, the devastating beautiful yet dangerous Caprina Waters, makes a “surprise” recurrence in his life, she sets off a chain of events not even a psychic could predict.

Caprina Waters was on top of the world with a new show and lucrative endorsement deals. Nothing, however, could compare to what She really wanted and craved: Her precious Scotty. She is determined to get him back, no matter the cost. The only thing standing in Her way is… Mariana.
Sarah Roberts has the perfect life: a great boyfriend, a burgeoning modeling career, and supportive friends and family. But she’s bored and wants more excitement in her life. The only person who could bring the freak out of her and give Sarah what she really wants is Scott. And with the help of Caprina, Sarah’s fantasies will come true.

Mariana Harlow knows how blessed she is to have Scott as her boyfriend and Dom. Scott always pushes her to her limit, and she’s eager to prove more to Him. When she wants to explore more of the BDSM lifestyle, her simple request to set it off will set a particular person off.

Sanora has spent a lot of time, money, and energy on watching every single move Caprina has made throughout the years. She will never forget the devastation she personally felt and made it Her life’s mission to finally destroy Caprina once and for all. And with all of the major players in place, Sanora just sits back…and smiles.

With intertwined storylines, scorching love scenes, and unforgettable characters, Vera Roberts brings the powerful story of alpha hero, Scott Reed, and how his past and present ultimately affects his future.”

The latest of the Scott & Mariana Series finally brings to light many things…..and leaves hanging many more, which *crosses fingers* hopefully will come to light in the next book (yes please). 

 I REALLY got caught up in this book, there was so much happening both between Scott & Mariana and behind the scenes.  I really like how the characters and story develops.  The writer gave me an extremely different view of the whole BDSM thing that, in all honesty, made me much more comfortable with it.  Some BDSM books to me, just go way too far, are way too out there and definitely too dark, I end up discarding them.  This series was a very welcome change to what I’ve picked up in the past and I can’t wait to find out what fully happens to that (insert not so polite “C”word here) Caprina, and to discover the story behind Sanora and the revelations thus far, and maybe just maybe Scott & Mariana will finally get their happy ever after.

Drue gives this book

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