Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 3, His Submissive by Lisa Renee Jones

TITLE: Rebecca's Lost Journals
SERIES: Volume 3, His Submissive
AUTHOR: Lisa Renee Jones
ISBN# 9781476738482
PRICE / TYPE: .99 eBook
PUBLISHER: Pocket Star
GENRE: Romantic Erotic Suspense
RELEASE DATE: April 22, 2013

Volume 3 of Rebecca’s Lost Journals spans about a week or so of Rebecca’s entries.  Through her thoughts we gain insight into all the players in the Trilogy (Ricco, Chris, Mary, Mark, Ava, etc.) and especially into “him” who at this point I am coming to not like very much.  I’m finding him to be manipulative at his attempts at convincing Rebecca to become his submissive.

Rebecca’s lessons continue and finally they get down to discussing actual aspects of “The Contract” and then…………….Rebecca really gets a true taste of what this choice and lifestyle will be like. 

We continue to go through all of Rebecca’s emotions right along with her, because that is what these journals do, they pull you right into her emotional grid.

Drue gives this book


  1. Great review, I haven't yet read Volume 3 but I loved your insight into this set of journals and I know what to look forward to when I start Volume 3 tonight. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great review! I've heard from so many people that all of the journals are fantastic!

  3. Great Review!! I love this series!

  4. Great review! The first two journals had me mesmerized. You really looked into Rebecca's thoughts and felt her emotions. Looking forward to this and the next journal.