Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: My Gift to You by Faye Hall

TITLE: My Gift to You
AUTHOR: Faye Hall
ISBN# 978160310
PRICE / TYPE: $4.25 eBook
PUBLISHER: Red Sage Publishing
GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance

“As a child, Rush Mullens saw her parents murdered before her eyes. She didn’t know the men responsible, but she would find them. She wanted revenge. She didn’t think she would also find a boy she could love more than her own life; a boy who grew into the man who would steal her heart.
She couldn’t let him endanger her plans for revenge, nor could she ignore that she was willing to risk all – her past, her life, her reputation - just to sample an ounce of passion from this man.

Bailey Maston wanted to find a woman – the perfect woman – to give his heart to. He wanted to trust that she could exist. Everything he had seen in his young life, both at home and in society, told him what a foolish dream this was.

When he finally discovers the truth of Rush’s life, and the revenge she is enacting, will he allow the betrayal to keep him from the woman he yearns for…a woman he craves to free his well-guarded heart?”

I thoroughly enjoyed this complex story of love and revenge.  Young love subjected to social station.  Bailey and Rush are caught between their love that began at first sight and society’s ideations.   The author showed that she understood the time period and social expectations of men and women. Secrets can ruin any love, but Rush and Bailey’s bond is definitely one worth reading.  Their love burned white hot and was stoked by coy glances and subtle touches. At times their actions frustrated me, but they were a product of the era. My heart stuttered when I realized how the author tied the story and title together.  This was truly a wonderful read.

Michele gives this book


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