Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: More Than Meets the Ink by Elle Aycart

TITLE: More Than Meets the Ink
AUTHOR: Elle Aycart
ISBN# 978-1-61118-431-0
PRICE / TYPE: $7.99 eBook
GENRE: Contemporary Romance

James Bowen found it quite humorous as he watch the two women do the army crawl across his dad’s back yard. He had been watching them slither in the morning dew long enough when he stood in their waiting to be noticed.  Life in a retirement community was pretty boring, so this definitely peaked his curiosity. He quickly learns his neighbor, Mrs. Cooper is on a rescue mission to save Amy, her cat, that Mr. Bowen was holding hostage in retaliation for trespassing. James follows along playfully with her serious banter, but it was the beautiful accomplice that stood next to her that caught his eye.

Tate Cooper was visiting her mother from Boston when she finds herself roped into this farce of a rescue mission.  She tries to explain to her mother that cats wander off all the time, but soon finds herself crawling across her neighbor’s back yard just to appease her.  Tate is mortified when their mission is discovered by the neighbor’s sexy son that is until she saw his tattoo and pegged him as a bad boy.  Since they are two of the youngest people in community, James invites Tate to the evening’s line dancing party in hope of getting to know her better.

They decide that a fun, no commitment sexual summer fling would suit them just fine, but someone always seems to interrupt when things begin heating up. Their chemistry is highly combustible, so they are forced to try alternate means of satisfying each other until the right time.  But when things heat up, Tate feels the pressure and bolts home back to the real world of her family’s failing restaurant.  Since her father and brother were killed in a car accident and her mother and sister wanted nothing to do with, Tate was left to run the restaurant and put her life on the back burner. After a mysterious kitchen fire and emails telling her to close the business, she was at a loss. The Italian restaurant had been in her family for 50 years and she wasn’t about to let it go that easy.  So when James reappears, she can’t fight the desire any longer.  He rolls up his proverbial shirt sleeves and helps her in more ways than one.  Tate has been doing it alone for so long that she resists until she realizes how good things are with him around. When he discovers the darkest that is hanging over the restaurant, James puts all his kill and knowledge to the test to save her.

This was an amazingly fun book to read.  The characters were snarky and fun.  James and Tate’s sexual power was tangible and consuming.  The way he loves her is the stuff fairy tales are made of, but fear almost ruins everything. Fear and her preconceived notion that tattoos equaled bad boys and she wasn’t interested.  But, James teaches her that tattoos don’t make the person, and there was “More than Meets the Ink” with him.  I was totally shocked to find out who was behind the emails and fire. The author did a fabulous job blending red hot romance, mystery and danger with this story and, even happier when I discovered it’s part of a series.

Michele gives this book

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