Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Marked by Aline Hunter

TITLE Marked
AUTHOR Aline Hunter
ISBN# 9781419941153
PRICE / TYPE $5.95ebook
PUBLISHER Ellora’s Cave Publishing
GENRE Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter

Chloe Bryant felt the changes happening to her as subtle as they may have seemed and so did her grandparents since her mother’s death. Physical and psychological changes left her questioning everything about herself.  When her crescent shaped tattoo began coming to change, she knew she needed to get it covered.  Drawn to the Wolf’s Den, a tattoo shop on the wrong side of town, she makes an appointment with Jackson Donovan to cover it up once and for all, but that all changes when they meet face to face.

Jackson Donovan could not believe his eyes when he looked into those of the woman he had been dreaming about.  These were more than dreams; their times together were intimate, not sexual.  With a single touch, their fates were sealed and Jackson was the only one who could help her.  Chloe had no idea who or what she truly was.  Together they would discover everything about each other and set the world on fire with their passion.

HOT….these two are combustible and good for a chuckle or two!  A unique Romeo and Juliet-ish type of love story of a consuming love between two souls who knew each other before they met.  The author created a unique world and loveable characters that will carry on in the next story.

Michele gives this book

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