Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Extreme Measures by Rachel Carrington

TITLE Extreme Measures
AUTHOR Rachel Carrington
PRICE / TYPE $1.99 eBook
GENRE Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE January 2013


Four years ago Erin's life changed drastically. Her drug-addicted brother killed her parents, and her marriage disintegrated. Her husband, Matt, an FBI agent, had done his duty when he'd arrested Stuart, but she'd been too caught up in her own grief to allow him to help her move through the shadows of pain.

Now Matt is back, but it isn't to attempt reconciliation. Her brother has escaped from Attica, and Erin is his next target. Matt will stop Stuart by any means necessary. But Stuart is a desperate man, and desperate men will do anything to get what they want.

Thrown together by treacherous circumstances, Matt and Erin fight a battle to stay alive and possibly figure out how to put the pieces of their destroyed lives back together again.

When Erin’s brother Stuart murdered their parents in drug induced rage her husband, Matt, was only doing his job as an FBI agent when he arrested him. Grieving over the loss of her parents and her brother, her marriage fails under the pressure and she moves home to Charleston, South Carolina to start over. 

Five years later, Matt shows up in her thriving coffee shop to inform her that Stuart has escaped from Attica with his cell mate and is believed to be on his way to Charleston.  Erin doesn’t want her ex-husband’s protection, but Matt’s just doing his job. So when Stuart starts to leave a trail of dead bodies across America, she still doesn’t believe that brother will harm her until she finds a picture of his prison cell. 

With Erin in Matt’s protective custody, they are forced to deal with the emotions that ruined their marriage, but with Stuart almost to Charleston time is of the essence. A mysterious phone call from a new player in the game draws her out into the open sending Matt into a panic to save her.  Using all his skill and knowledge, Matt refuses to lose her again, but will he find her in time?

Ms. Carrington showed she knows how to write a crime and passion drama.  Her characters were deep and rich with substance, and a hero/heroine that I wanted to see reconcile before it was too late.  I really enjoyed this story, but just wished it had more romance between Matt and Erin. It was obvious it was still there.  Overall, the author did a great job creating a story that men or women would enjoy.

Michele gives this book

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