Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Confederate Moon by Kayelle McClive

TITLE: Confederate Moon
SERIES: Moon and Magic Series Book One
AUTHOR: Kayelle McClive
ISBN# 978-1-61885-555-8
PRICE / TYPE: $5.99 eBook
PUBLISHER: Secret Cravings
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 2013

In an alternate world where the South wins the War of Aggression (Civil War), Bryne Williams struggles to keep her small bar afloat, not knowing that she is a powerful mage who has powers that Vampires and Werewolves would do anything to control. When sexy, charismatic werewolf Nolan Shea shows up in her bar, she knows nothing will ever be the same. She can’t take her mind off of him, but after he tells her he bought the debt to her bar, she isn’t sure what he wants with her. As Nolan becomes more a part of her life and her feelings for him begin to grow and develop she questions him and his motives as well as those around her. Can he protect her from those who want the power for themselves, or will she find herself in the middle of a werewolf vampire war?

Bryne is shocked to find that her debt on her bar has been sold to a werewolf and not just any werewolf but a very handsome one.  

Nolan has his reasons for buying Bryne’s debt, one he has no intentions on sharing with her. 
When her life is in danger the first person to come to her aid is Nolan and he does not hesitate to take her to his home and put her under his protection.  Bryne has no idea why the vampires want her or why Nolan is so set on protecting her, but one thing is for sure she plans on finding out.

The more time Bryne spends with Nolan the closer she finds herself drawn to him but he is hiding something that he knows about her, will it drive them apart or pull them closer together?

Kayelle McClive dives into an alternate world of life today if the south had won the Civil War.  With plenty of twists and turns this story will keep you completely engrossed.  The chemistry between Bryne and Nolan is sizzling.   This is McClive’s first full length book and what a way to start, I for one will be waiting patiently to find out what she has planned next since this cannot be the last we have seen of Bryne and Nolan and the rest of the wonderful characters in Confederate Moon.   

Annette gives this book

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