Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Taught by Jenna Owens

Jenna Owens
$1.49 eBook
Ellora’s Cave

Dr. Collins is your typical man and spends time while he is teaching his college students fantasizing about the women in his class.  But, that is all it is, just a fantasy.  That is until one student decides to take matters into her own hands literally and shows the good doctor that his daydreams are nothing like the real thing.

Jeanna Owens debut is off to a bright beginning.  Taught is actually written for the Ellora’s Cave for Men line but trust me it can be truly enjoyed by us women as well.  That is if you are looking for a very steamy quick romp and not a “happily ever after”.  Did I mention that it is HOT.  It was actually a breath of fresh air to read a book from a man's view without all the drama.  Well done Ms. Owens and cannot wait for your next release.

Annette gives this book

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