Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens Book 2 by Edenmary Black

Sanctum Warriors
Shadow Havens Book 2
Author: Edenmary Black
ISBN: 978-1-4566-0843-9
Price: $3.99 eBook
Publisher:Self Published
Genre:Paranormal Romance

“Ilea Galaurus may be running the Demesne, but all hell breaks loose when Micah Odera, a vampiric warrior of the Sanctum, spots Sebastien Galaurus in Saint Rushton. The Demesne’s dictator is determined to have his freedom with a select group of loyal warriors so they can enjoy hunting the humans of Saint Rushton. When one of his weres discovers Arabella D’Court sitting alone in a park, her scent tells him she is more than beautiful. She’s something special enough for Sebastien’s first meal in freedom.

What the were doesn’t know is that Arabella isn’t like most humans. She’s a member of the Sanctum’s Basium Cruenta, an elite group of protected humans living at the haven to provide blood to Sanctum vampires. She’s also the only woman Odera can’t shake loose from his heart. Arabella loves Odera deeply, even though he just can’t bring himself to watch her age or die. When he gives her the truth and tells her to find another, forces are set in motion that neither can control. After the brutal discussion, Arabella seeks the peace of a local park, but ends up trapped in Sebastien’s new lair. Her unlikely ally? A daemon healer named Lily, who has lived her entire life at the Demesne.
As Sebastien’s thirsts for violence and Arabella grow, Sanctum warriors head for Saint Rushton with kidnap or kill orders on the dictator’s life. They’ll have a little help from the hereafter, but it won’t be enough to stop the furies unleashed when they meet Sebastien’s warriors.”

We are back in Pennsylvania in the world of the Sanctum and the Demense and as in the first book, there is a lot going on.  Ilea is trying to get a grasp on the Demense after being rudely awakened to the way her Mate has run the Demense.  To say she lived a life with blinders on is an understatement, but now her eyes are wide open and she is determined to make things peaceful.  Her daughter and new son-in-law are still celebrating being newly mated, her dead son is trying to speak to her from the grave and her mate has escaped and is wreaking havoc. 

In addition the main love story of the book is Ordera and Arabella who both come to see the relationship they want with each other as being impossible since he is a vampire and she is human and will only live a few decades, but when Arabella is kidnapped Ordera wakes up and realizes what he’s missing out on.  Joe and Pria’s relationship also continues to develop throughout this installment and we see a few other possible love stories developing. 

As I said a lot is going on in these books, but it’s not overwhelming, the author has done a very good job of keeping your interest while not making all the goings on too confusing, I’ve found many books that have several sub stories tend to lose the reader, these however, do not they are simply put, easy reads and very captivating.  The only thing I wasn’t too fond of in book 2 was that some of the sex scenes came across as being thrown in there just to have a sex scene in the book rather than being an integral part of the story.  Although with that said, it will not deter me from reading the next book in the series.

Drue gives this book

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