Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Sanctum Retribution Shadow Havens Book 3 by Edenmary Black

Sanctum Retribution
Shadow Havens Book 3
Author: Edenmary Black
ISBN:  978-1-4566-0999-3
Price: $3.99 eBook
Publisher:Self Published
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

“As Ilea steps farther into her role as the law of the Demesne, anxious speculation about Sebastien and his next move flourishes. Tensions build, as passion sizzles at long-awaited Matings and Kya’s romantic dream comes true when Meniari asks her to attend one with him. It’s a fresh beginning for a warrior with a past and a female hiding a gentle heart behind a tough persona.

Meanwhile, the Father of the Demesnes is having a grand time in Paris, but intelligence soon arrives from the spy he left behind. Infuriated by what he learns, he embarks on a rage-driven plan to force a brutal wedge between the Sanctum and the Saint Rushton Demesne forever, one that will jeopardize Iridea and her unborn child.

A vampiress on the run from the Parisian Demesne risks everything to find Micah Odera in Scotland, shattering his newfound peace with a strange tale of barbaric punishment, an act of treason that saved her life, a nefarious scheme and Circe’s dangerous fascination with Sebastien. Seeking the protection of the Sanctum, she reveals all she knows to Miriel and Andrieu, forcing the haven into a partnership with the Saint Rushton Demesne. A desperately precarious plan takes shape, as Xavier struggles with Ilea’s demand that he keep a terrible secret for her. If he breaks his vow, the betrayal may cost him her love. If he keeps his word, she may die. Ultimately, Ilea and Iridea will have a single chance to do what only they can – bring Sebastien to meet fate.”

The third installment of the Shadow Havens series brings us the final showdown between Sebastien and Ilea and the Sanctum. As the St. Rushton Demanse and Sanctum are forming their alliance Sebastien is at the Paris Demanse living it up and planning his revenge when from his spy in the St. Rushton Demanse he gets a video that sends him into a rage.

As with the previous books there are several love stories going on at once, all in different stages and we see 2 mating's, and several new relationships start to develop, even possibly a new one for Sebastien, enter the Paris Demanse leader Circe, power driven and power hungry she brings a new element to the Shadow Havens stories with her non traditional pharmaceutical potions. It will be interesting to see how that plays into things in the future, and hopefully the next installment will bring a baby!

Drue gives this book

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