Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: My Wicked Valentine by Ann Mayburn

My Wicked Valentine
Club Wicked Series Book 1
Ann Mayburn
$6.99 eBook
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: contemporary romance, BDSM
Release date: 2/12/13

“Where the Masters are worthy of the gift of your submission.”

When Lucia Roa accepted the recommendation from her mentor, Mrs. Florentine, to interview for the position as party planner for a private club in Washington DC, she was not prepared for the man behind the desk.  Lucia is a sassy, little Latino who has worked hard to make her party planning business a success, and this party is the ticket to making it big, but first she needs to convince Mr. O’Keefe that she is capable of his party.

Isaac O’Keefe was mesmerized when he looked up at the beauty in his office doorway, but after reviewing her portfolio he wasn’t sure she was the right woman for the job. However, before he sends her away, Isaac calls their mutual friend, Mrs. Florentine and questions her motivation. Isaac sits back and tells Lucia about “Wicked”, a private BDSM club for the elite and he is seeking a place on their governing board.  The upcoming Valentine’s Day party will secure his seat if it is a success.  One big problem though, Lucia does not live the lifestyle and that could be a problem, but when he tries to explain things go terribly wrong.  Isaac enlists the help of Mrs. Florentine to win Lucia back and plan the party of the year at Wicked.

After making sure Isaac knows that she will not be his “slave”, Lucia agrees to be his submissive only for the sake of planning the party and understanding about what she will see at the club. Donning the customary mask to ensure anonymity for the clientele, she wiggles her way into a full body latex cat suit handpicked by Isaac that will transform her into his “kitten” and collar to protect her from the single Dom’s.  The physical attraction between them boils over and combusts with a promise to make her orgasm with a single kiss, but Isaac’s past keeps him from fully submerging himself in Lucia.
When a blackmailing email lands in Lucia’s inbox, she places a tearful call to Isaac triggering his innate dominate nature to care and protect his submissive despite his internal battle.  She isn’t easily deterred and will stop at nothing to be his, but even provoking a well restrained Dom has its limits.  Isaac unleashes himself on Lucia making her submit, but neither was prepared for the outcome.

Will Isaac find out who is behind the emails or will Lucia be forced to step away from the career opportunity of a lifetime?

The elegance of Club Wicked and the dominate men within its walls are highly addicting and keep you coming back for more. The world that Ms. Mayburn creates in Wicked is sensual and filled with richly complex characters that will make you laugh and cry.  Isaac’s intense dominate and sensual nature is definitely capable of making your panties combust and ovaries rapid fire. Lucia had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion with her sharp tongue and comebacks. Her sensuality shined through under Isaac’s guidance as she embraced a side she never knew existed. Wicked revealed a side of BDSM that the public doesn’t see, and shares the relationships that are forged within its walls.

Come experience all things “Wicked” and stay tuned for the next installment, My Wicked Nanny.

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