Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Kink it Up Ball and Chain Series by M.A. Ellis

Kink it Up
Ball and Chain Series
By: M.A. Ellis
ISBN: 9781419943867 
Price: $ 4.45 eBook
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance, light BDSM, M/F
Release date: January 30, 2013

Kelsey and Smith fell into the routine of working and living and lost the romance that once burned red hot. Difficult work schedules have left a rift the size of the Grand Canyon in their love life, but Kelsey was desperate to explore and “kink it up” a bit. Kelsey began dropping hints in hopes of sparking Smith’s curiosity about introducing some light bondage and impact play into their bedroom, but he trumped her in spades.
Smith elicits the help from a former college frat buddy, Chris, who is an experienced Dom on where to start with Kelsey. An evening of experimenting with her new pink Velcro restraints and matching paddle, Smith blindsided her with a more sinister plan of his own. Playing the part of a stranger, Chris, and Smith show Kelsey the pleasure that can be found in pain.
However, Smith has no idea that Kelsey has a plan of her own, which involves her friend, Bella, is already in motion, and finds everyone rekindling smothered fires.
YES!!!!! Ms. Ellis creates an experience that was captivating from the first chapter with believable characters exploring their sexuality in a safe environment. This short story could be used by any wife as an avenue to open the doors of conversation with her husband if she is interested in adding some kink to their love life. The author takes the time to show the different point of views of everyone involved and keeps it simple for the readers to understand why and how things are done. For those who are in It definitely showed that she knows her stuff.
Michele gives this book

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  1. Thanks, Michele, for the great review! I'm so glad you liked KINK IT UP. I hope it can lead to some open conversation between couples. It's all about communication : )