Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Her Mates Embrace by Rebecca Aires

Her Mates Embrace
Rebecca Aires
ISBN: 781419941412
Price: $7.99 eBook
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal, shape shifter, M/M, M/F/M, M/F

“Cami’s hunted by two vicious men from her past. It’s the only reason she follows her newfound visions to the two powerful Santir shapeshifters, Linc and Colm. Intense attraction and uncontrolled magic draw her closer to them despite reservations. As much as she wants to fall into their arms and bed, she knows her past and Colm’s beliefs make any kind of relationship impossible.

The desire to get closer to Cami surprises Linc and Colm. It’s different than anything they’ve ever felt. Their need to uncover her secrets is only surpassed by their hunger for her kiss and touch. They soon realize their feelings are far more than sexual attraction. She’s their mate. To claim and keep Cami, they’ll have to earn her trust and protect her, or the danger stalking her will steal their chance at happiness.”

I enjoyed this story once I mastered the author’s vocabulary…which didn’t take long.  Take two strong, sexually charged men and one insecure woman who is masking her scent from her mates and sooner or later someone will bend under the pressure.  Once Cami begins to come into her own as the Santir’s mate and understands her new found power, those stalking her will have their hands full with three powerful characters. The primal response they have to her scent, let alone visually is intense.  I love a powerful female character like Cami, but throw Linc and Colm in the mix and the sex take on a whole new life.  The ménage interactions were light so do not let that keep you from this story if it is something you would enjoy.

Michele gives this book

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