Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian

Edge of Dawn
Midnight Breed #11
by: Lara Adrian
$25.00 Hardcover
Bantam Dell
Paranormal Romance
Released: February 2013

As a child of two of the Order's most powerful members, Mira is no stranger to the fragile peace between the Breed and the humans.  A breedmate, she's nonetheless made a name for herself as a skilled fighter, and leads her own patrol team tasked with keeping the Order safe.  Although she's seemingly strong and capable, she's never been able to heal the wound her best friend and lover, Kellan, left behind when he was killed in an explosion.  Her rage from that event has landed her in hot water at work, and as penance, she's been assigned to babysit a reclusive genius and see him safely to a summit meeting between the humans and Breed.  But what should have been an easy job turns into a nightmare when she's attacked by rebels, and the man she's been assigned to protect is kidnapped, her along with him.  But what really turns her world upside down is finding out the human resistance leader is none other than Kellan, the man she'd thought dead all these long years. 

Kellan vowed to himself he would stay far away from Mira, but seeing her injured while trying to protect her charge made him realize his feelings for her never went away, no matter how hard he tried to bury them.  And now that he's got her again, he doesn't plan to let her go, even though staying with him could be the death of her-literally.  As the rebel leader, he'll be killed if captured, and everyone else by association.  But that pales in comparison to his newest set of problems.  For the reclusive genius he captured for information spells out a different story, one that involves humans at the highest level, and also brings to light a secret organization bent on wiping out all Breed existance throughout the world.  He knows what he must do, but can he risk causing heartache-again-to the one woman who's ever held his heart?

For those of you who have followed the Breed novels, this is the first book to follow the adult children of the original Breed members.  Twenty years have passed since First Dawn, when the Breed came forward and showed the world they existed.  There's an uneasy truce right now, but war is brewing.  This was a great setup to the start of a new group of villians, and it's great to see the original characters we've come to love making appearances in the story.  Not having read the series for a bit, it took me a little while to remember who everyone is.  Mira used to be the little girl rescued as a child, one whose gaze could show you your future.  Now she's all grown up and kicking ass, and it was great to see how she-and some of the other children we remember-have grown up.  I'm looking forward to see just what vileness this secret society has planned, and how this newest generation of Breed warriors will see it through.

Carla gives this book a

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