Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Changes in Autumn by Renee Charles

Changes in Autumn
Renee Charles
Price: $ 1.99 eBook
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: contemporary romance, shape-shifter, M/F
Published 10/31/2012

When Autumn Reynolds heard a commotion in her garden, a giant, injured wolf was not what she expected to find, but her former job in animal protection compelled her to help the seemingly docile animal.  Her disabling injury caused her to retire early, but her love of animals was who she was.  Navigating the wolf into her house was a task in itself, but she would not let him bleed to death without trying.    She left him bandaged and resting on her bathroom floor.

Conner Grayson would not let Bear get away with what he had done.  So once he was alone, he shifted to his human form ruining what little healing he had managed to do.  Unfortunately, Autumn returned early and found him standing there, but not for long as he uncontrollably shifted back to his wolf.  In his animal form, Conner thanked her the only way he knew how and licked her knee. She tasted like honey.  He never thought that Bear would seek him out again, and threaten Autumn while she tried to protect him, let alone bite her. Connor got the last act and killed Bear. His own cousin. 

Now there was a bigger problem on his hands, an infected human with the genetic substance that creates werewolves and it flared his desires. Autumn clung to him out of fear and desire as they made love, and once she shifted for the first time he would not do it again.  She would need to choice a mate and bond, but little did she know her mate was inches away. Autumn was now a member of his pack and he needed to protect her from the out lash of Bear’s death.

Connor packed her up and took her to meet her new pack and let her choose her own destiny, if an unknown predator doesn’t get to her first.

A quick read at 67 pages totally hooked me at page one. Conner is an amazingly strong Alpha, who happens to be sexy as hell. The author threaded humor and sensuality throughout with an added mystery.  Go ahead and give it a try.

Michele gives this book

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