Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Abby's Twin Mates by Darlette Clarke

Abby’s Twin Mates
Midnight County
Darlette Clarke
$4.50 eBook
Siren Publishing
Paranormal Romance, M/F/M

Returning home to her birth place, Midnight Creek, after her grandmother’s death, Abby Morgan realizes that there is more to this sleepy little town than meets the eye. She befriends an older woman on the bus who volunteers her grandson to give her a ride home. Mitch Beaumont and his brother, Taylor, are a set of seriously sexy twins that are the town handy-men. When evil makes itself known they make it their mission to protect Abby.

When Abby learns that her grandmother was a healer and Midnight Creek is full of supernatural beings, she takes it all in stride even learning that she has powers of her own. Mitch and Taylor announce they are werewolves, and there are vampires seeking a precious stone of her grandmothers, she finds love and safety in identical faces.   Three become one when emotions are realized and sides face off in a battle.

Ms. Clarke created a mystical world and added a sexy set of shape shifting twins and a sassy young woman to create unique storyline that could be set in any small town. I enjoyed the plot and the sex was hot.  The story could use a little fine tuning with the dialogue during the ménage scenes, but overall I enjoyed the character dynamics.

Michele gives this book

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