Friday, February 15, 2013

Interview with Historical Romance author Grace Burrowes

RFR: Today we are joined by Grace Burrowes.  Welcome back Grace, as always it is a pleasure to have you at RomFan Reviews.

GB: And a pleasure to be here!

RFR: Tell us a little about your newest release in the Windham Series, Lady Eve’s Indiscretion.

GB:  Eve Windham is the youngest and smallest of the Windham siblings, but every bit as averse to marriage as her older brothers and sisters. As a very young lady, she made disastrous decisions, and while her family thinks she’s well past them—and physically she is to all appearances recovered—her heart stiff suffers.

RFR: What can readers look forward to in the future? More Windham’s I hope?

GB: We could not leave Lady Jenny Windham without a Happily Ever After and her story will come out in October. Because that’s such a terribly, awfully, long time between Windhams, a second novella for Their Graces, “A Duke and His Duchess,” will come out in March.

RFR: Since you have visited with us before I decided to change up doing the boring standard questions and do RomFan’s version of 20 questions.

20 Questions

1.      Coffee or Tea?   GB: Mostly decaf black tea, but on days when I have to go to court, I treat myself to one cup of jasmine green tea.

2.      Coke or Pepsi?   GB: Neither.

3.      Pirates or Highway Bandit?   GB: Huh?

4.      Beer or wine?   GB: Whiskey or brandy—purely in the interests of period research.

5.      Muffins or Cupcakes?   GB: Both, especially if we’re talking Nicholas Haddonfield’s muffin recipe.

6.      Computer or Television?   GB: I don’t own a TV, soooo…

7.      Would you travel the world or travel space?   GB: World, and much in Concord.

8.      My favorite pizza is…   GB: Uno’s, some thermonuclear deep dish special I haven’t had in so long I forget the name

9.      My favorite book genre is…   GB: Historical Romance!

10.  My superpower of choice would be…  GB: The power to comfort and console the brokenhearted

11.  On a rainy day, you’ll find me…   GB: At my computer, my favorite angora lambs wool scarf from Scotland around my neck while I type away at my WIP

12.  When I get free time, I’ll...   GB: Sit on a toadstool and be grateful

13.  If you had a million dollars…   GB: I’d give most of it to the Eastern Mennonite University Conflict Transformation Program

14.  My dream vacation would be…   GB: Six months in the UK

15.  If you could be a character in any novel you’ve ever read, who would you be and why?   GB: Annique Villiers from Joanna Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady. She’s resourceful, resilient, honorable, pretty, fantastically well written, and she ends up with Robert Grey.

16.  How many books do you read each year?   GB: There was a time when I limited myself to a book a day, but now I spend so much time writing, that I’d say I’m at about two a week. I try to keep one craft book, one keeper book, and one research book going at all times.

17.  If you could pick a book to turn into a movie, which one would it be?  GB: Joanna Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady, or Loretta Chase’s Not Quite A Lady, which is also very dear to my heart.  

18.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  GB: Western Maryland—with a second home in the UK.

19.  Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?   GB: Whatever store sells plane tickets and travel accommodations. My family is spread all over the USA, and I very much enjoy trips to the UK.  

20.  What are you reading right now?   GB: Soldiers at War (a compendium of first person accounts of the Peninsular Campaign), Georgette Heyer’s The Grand Sophy, and Donald Maass’ Writing 21st Century Fiction. 

RFR: Where can readers learn more about you and your books?
GB: My website,, has tons of info on my books, as well as my blog, excerpts, deleted scenes, a family tree for the Windhams, and a list of upcoming releases. On Facebook, my Grace Burrowes Author page provides the day to day details, and I’m on twitter @graceburrowes.


Lady Eve's Got The Perfect Plan…

Pretty,petite Evie Windham has been more indiscreet than her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Moreland, suspect. Fearing that a wedding night would reveal her past, she's running out of excuses to dodge adoring swains. Lucas Denning, the newly titled Marquis of Deene, has reason of his own for avoiding marriage. So Evie and Deene strike a deal, each agreeing to be the other's decoy. At this rate, matrimony could be avoided indefinitely...until the two are caught in a steamy kiss that no one was supposed to see.

Praise for Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal:

"Burrowes delivers red-hot chemistry with a masterful mix of playfulness and sensuality."—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"A tantalizing, delectably sexy story that is one of the best yet from an author on the way to the top."—Library Journal Starred Review

"A delight...strikingly unique characters with realistic emotions and exciting antics."—RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

"Captivating...historical romance at its finest and rife with mystery and intrigue."—Romance Fiction on Suite 101


Grace Burrowes is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical romances. Her debut, The Heir, was selected as a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year for 2010 in the romance category, and Lady Sophie’s  Christmas Wish won RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Historical Romance of 2011 and was also nominated for the prestigious RWA RITA© award. The author of the bestsellers The Heir, The Soldier, Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal, and Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish, Grace is a practicing attorney and lives in rural Maryland. She’ll conclude the Windham Family Series with Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait in October 2013, and will begin a new regency series with Darius in April 2013. She has a Scottish Victorian series as well, beginning with The Bridegroom Wore Plaid, which was a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2012. Please visit or follow her on Twitter: @GraceBurrowes for more information.

To Purchase Lady Eve’s Indiscretion:

Grace is offering one lucky person a copy of Lady Eve's Indiscretion. Leave a comment and your email address to be entered.  Contest ends 2/18 at 11:59 pm EST.  Open to US and Canada residents.


  1. Congrats on Lady Eve making the USA bestseller list. Hubby brought me the newspaper yesterday to show me "my" author. Can't wait to read part 2 of Their Graces' story. Do you know if that one will be an early release from Discover a New Love? Thanks, Bon

    1. Bonnie, Thanks and please thank Mr. Bonnie, too. And yes, The Duke and His Duchess should be up on Discover a New Love very shortly.

  2. Thank you for all your awesome books, Grace! Keep up the wonderful work! :)

    1. As long as people read 'em, I'll write 'em...and probably even after that. Thanks, Sandra.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sheila, and thanks for stopping by.

  4. So proud of all your successes and that I can say, "I knew her when...." Congratulations and keep 'em coming! juleejadams(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Thank you, Julee, and I hope a lot of people will soon be saying that and that they're saying it for a long, successful time.

  5. SpyMaster's Lady as a movie/mini-series would be fabulous. Do Nick's muffins start with cooked apples or fresh? Since I can't have the man, may as well cosole myself with his muffins...

    1. Hiya, KWW! FRESH! And they have walnuts or pecans in them, depending on what's in the larder. On occasion, there's a cream cheese frosting as well... Now I'm hungry.

  6. I'm always excited when a new book is released by Grace Burrowes and I'm looking forward to ready Lady Eve's Indiscretion. It sounds like such a fantastic story.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  7. Thank you for sharing your stories, Grace! They are truly special and do an amazing job at lifting one's spirits.

  8. Fun 20 questions and answers


  9. I have loved everything I have read from Grace! Congrats on the release of LADY EVE, I can't wait to read it.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com