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Interview with author M.A. Ellis

We would like to thank M.A. Ellis for taking the time out of her busy schedule to stop by RomFan Reviews for a little Q&A. Her newest release, Kink It Up was released on January 30th by Ellora's Cave and is part of the Ball and Chain series her new release. We haved reviewed some of her other stories and was happy to see the return of some of my favorites. Thank you for offering a copy of Kink It Up as a giveaway to our site. So show some love and leave a comment to register. We look forward to your future releases.

Tell us about your new/upcoming release
KINK IT UP is part of the Ellora’s Cave “Ball & Chain” themed series about existing, committed relationships that need a little spark of some sort to reignite the desire. It’s the first story I’ve written with a husband and wife and I’m surprised at how swiftly the story flowed. Like many couples, Kelsey and Smith have let life to get in the way of romance. He’s been promoted, she’s changed careers and they’re starting to seriously disconnect. But Kelsey isn’t going to let her man or her marriage silently slip away. She confronts Smith and suggests they throw a little kink into the mix. 

Smith quickly learns that Kelsey isn’t talking about simple spanking. She’s thinking more like wrist cuffs and nipple clamps. He’s a little shocked, but awesome husband that he is, he’s up to making her fantasy come true. And like most men I know, he’s got that gene that requires him to do things right. Where things may veer off into more fiction than fact, he knows he doesn’t have all the knowledge he needs so enlists the help of his old friend, who happens to be a local Dom, for a live, in-home tutorial. 

But what strong, intelligent woman who has thrown out the solution to their problem is going to sit back and wait for something to happen? Not one of my characters, that’s for sure. Kelsey puts her own plan in motion, one that involves talking one of her female acquaintances into stopping by later in the day for a possible threesome because, really, isn’t that what every guys wants?

Turns out, it’s not. But Kelsey doesn’t learn that until after she’s been bound to their vintage ottoman and her fantasy is fulfilled. But one question remains, will Smith and Kelsey regain their intimacy or will their experimentation form a rift they aren’t likely to overcome?

Let me tell you how fun, yet sometimes frustrating, the tutorial scene was to write. It’s much different when you’re dealing with characters that are already in a committed relationship. I had the Dom touching Kelsey in ways I didn’t find a threat to Smith, but boy, did my male critique partner take exception to that concept. It was quite enlightening, that male mindset. The constructive input made the scene much stronger in the end.
And I didn’t plan it this way at first, but it turned out that the friend that Smith calls for help is my hunkily gorgeous Dom from WANT TO GO PRIVATE. There’s a twist with him at the end of this book, but no spoilers here, lol.

Where do you find inspiration for your books?
Everywhere. I think most writers have a hard time shutting off their ‘possible story antennae’. You’re out at the grocery store and the conversation you overhear in the dairy section has you reaching for your phone and hurrying to find the “notebook” app. Or you see an article in a magazine and maybe just the way the people in the photo are standing sparks an idea. Many times, for me, it’s something in a song. When those old, reliable ones let me down, I do have the unending brainstorming sessions with my partner, who is also a writer. You can’t put a price on sitting at the dinner table over a plate of Bolognese weighing the pros and cons of being tied to an ottoman.

What genres and authors would we find you reading when taking a break from your own writing?
I wish I had time to read more, I really do. Lately, since the aforementioned partner is writing a mystery, I’ve been drawn back to that genre. Big fan of Diane Mott Davidson, always have been. But I pulled out The Complete Sherlock Holmes not too long ago and have been reading those. But if you gave me a week on an island with no computer, I’d be stocked full of historical romance. It’s what I started reading when I was in my teens and what I still love.

What's a guilty pleasure you have?
Two words: Duck Dynasty. I can’t get enough. I’m not so obsessed I set an alarm to remind me what day of the week it’s on, but if I’m flipping past A&E and I see it, as Phil would say, “Happy, happy, happy.”  I enjoy seeing people succeed, and what I enjoy even more is family dynamics. And when the underlying basis of all that outward crazy interaction is love, how the heck can you resist?!?

What’s something fans would find fascinating about you?
You will find my real name in The Master Angler Record Book in the province of Manitoba. Four times, all catch and release. Northern Pike that fight like hell with a demonic, somewhat prehistoric look when you pull that first one out of the water. All 41” or larger. I’m also a master baker….but that’s another story.

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