Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Warlord's Bounty by Cynthia Sax

Warlord's Bounty
by: Cynthia Sax
$4.45 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Published: December 2012

Khan is a wanted man.  A Chamele warlord, the bounty on his head defies belief.  But he has  a plan.  He'll allow himself to be captured, then take his revenge on the man who wants him dead.  But he never expected to find the bounty hunter after him is the one woman he can have forever with. Now he has another mission--prove to his fiesty hunter that she belongs to him, body and soul. 

When Zeta shows up to collect Khan, she's floored by the sexual hunger radiating from him.  Giving in to her lust, they fall into bed together for an amazing night of pleasure.  But she still has to take him in.  No matter what her feelings toward him are, she won't let that stop her from collecting the bounty.  Even if it destroys her in the process.

This was a hot and heavy story about one man's quest for revenge, and how far he's willing to go to accomplish it.  The sparks fly between Khan and Zeta, but to Zeta it's more about scratching an itch than admitting there could be more between them.  She's out to do a job, nothing more.  But little by little, Khan breaks her down.  The chemistry was great for such a short story, and the plot didn't bog anything down.  Good read.

Carla gives this book a

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