Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Beer and Groping in Las Vegas by Angela Quarles

Beer and Groping in Las Vegas
by: Angela Quarles
$3.99 ebook
Secret Cravings Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: December 2012


Trapped in a Las Vegas hotel for the night, Mirjam meets a mysterious woman who tells her to get the man of her dreams, all Mirjam has to do is wish on a slot machine.  Figuring she's got nothing else to do, she makes her wish, and ends up on a blind date with a man.  She figures she'll have a nice dinner, then go back to her room and forget the night ever happened.  But she's surprised to find she knows her date.  Or rather, she knew him back when they were kids.  Riley has grown up into a handsome, successful brewery owner, and is shocked to find the woman sitting across from him is the girl he used to crush on way back when.  When a strange man told him to wish on a slot machine for the girl of his dreams, he never expected Mirjam, but is thrilled to find they share so much in common.  One thing leads to another, but will the tender feelings they had over dinner survive the harsh light of reality?

This was a short and sweet love story about two geeks who've given up on finding that perfect someone for them.  When a wish made in jest turns out to be the best thing that happened to them both, they begin to see that wishes can come true.  Riley is looking for someone that will like him for him, and not his money.  Mirjam is looking for someone to share her life with that won't run off on her when something better comes along.  It was a tender, heartwarming story about second chances and being brave enough to reach for what you want, even if you don't realize you want it at the time.

Carla gives this book a

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