Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: Alien Overnight by Robin L. Rotham

Alien Overnight
Prequel to Enemy Overnight
by: Robin L. Rotham
$5.95 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: May 2007
After forging an alliance with the Earth government, Commander Kellen is tasked with recruiting woman to help repopulate his species.  He cares little for earth woman, since his anatomy isn't as compatible with theirs as he'd like.  Assisting him is Monica, a doctor tasked with caring for the women who volunteer.  Although she's surrounded by hot aliens all day, she's confident none of them will bother her.  Why should they, when she has the body of a twelve year old?  But an overdose of horny alien pheremones triggers an alarming reaction in her.  Feeling drunk, she passes out, only to wake days later with the body of a supermodel.  And when Kellen shows up claiming her as his mate, she's both secretly thrilled and horrified.  For it turns out she's a rarity, and will be much sought-after if the other Garathani realize what she truly is.  And when Kellen names a second in their bond and their bed, she's in for a wild ride.

This is a story about a race of aliens who lost all their women, and have been desperately searching the galaxy for women able to breed with them.  Turns out earth women are compatible, so they've established a treaty with our government, and are taking women willing to become breeders.  Monica's job as a doctor is to monitor and screen the women who volunteer.  At the start of the story, Monica has the body of a pre-teen, and hides behind dark makeup and piercings, convinced her looks and her take no crap attitude will keep people away.  Once she gets a whiff of alien pheremones and undergoes years of growth in a matter of days, she's essentially reborn a new woman.  The chemistry between her and Kellen is great, because they're both alpha personalities, so it's fun watching the two of them trying to establish dominance over everything.  Enter Shauss, their third.  He has no desire to be chained down by emotions, and while the sex between the three is explosive, it's obvious he's an all or nothing kind of guy.  The sex was hot, the chemistry between everyone was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. 

Carla gives this book a

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